Rocks in the Grove

Rocks in the Grove (small)

This is another scene from the Sacred Grove that I just painted.  Once more, I am still drawing from my mission.  It’s true what they say that missions change and affect lives forever. We have been talking a lot about missions recently because my husband has two nephews who are about to go serve one. We can’t stress enough to these young men how important it is to serve with all you got! That’s because how you serve affects your whole life. If you are an obedient, hardworking missionary, your whole life will be better because of it.
. . . Sorry for that tangent on missions! 🙂 What we have here is a worm’s eye view of the Sacred Grove and some rocks that form the north west boundary line of the Smith farm. In a non wooded area, the Smiths had wood fences with rocks stacked up underneath to prevent animals getting in or out. This is more just an indication of the line with no other real purpose. The family would use the rocks they cleared from fields.
If you don’t know what the Sacred Grove is, let me tell you briefly (since I believe I’ve already talked about it a fair amount down below). The Sacred Grove is the wooded area behind Joseph Smith’s log home where he went to pray about which church was true in 1820. His answer was delivered to him by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ themselves when they appeared to him. Many are skeptical of this, and I can understand why. People think angels and visions have ceased in our day, but that is not true. God loves and guides us just as much or more than other generations. I know miracles happen daily and that this sacred event did take place. I spent a lot of time in this grove, but even someone who just goes there for a minute can feel the spirit there.

About sisterweber

I am currently a Mormon missionary serving in western New York for The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-Day Saints! Let me tell you how strange I am currently - I don't watch tv or any form of entertainment; I left behind my family, home, school, and art I love so so much; I'm working 6 days a week, 14 hours a day to bring people unto Christ; I'm not getting paid (I'm actually paying); and I CHOSE to do it! The reason why? I know this is the most important thing I could ever do. I know that there is nothing in all the world that can bring people greater happiness than the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness. This message I'm sharing with people is unique and true. God loves all of us so much that He has restored the church Jesus Christ set up onto the earth again, and all people have a right to know. Everyone has a right to be as happy as I am.
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