CTR – pencil, May 2011

Does anyone know what “CTR” stands for? It’s something that I learned about when I was six years old and that has stuck with me for 16 years. It’s also something that I wear and look at every day of my life. I’ve never been a ring person (I definitely prefer any other type of jewelry), but for this little guy I drew a quick picture of, I can make an exception. So, the meaning? Choose the right. How simple, how superb! Choose the right! How often do we slip up on this powerful, three-worded little piece of advice? Every morning I put on this ring to remind me of the importance of doing what’s good and following the example Jesus Christ set for us. I know that should I do what’s wrong, it will only bring heartache and misery. Even so, somehow I manage to mistakes every single day. I don’t like it when I do something wrong, and I don’t think anyone else does either, but I know I can amend every wrong choice I make through the Atonement of Christ. That was His gift for us, and even after I choose the wrong, I can fix it, choose the right, and rely on Him to heal me.

About sisterweber

I am currently a Mormon missionary serving in western New York for The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-Day Saints! Let me tell you how strange I am currently - I don't watch tv or any form of entertainment; I left behind my family, home, school, and art I love so so much; I'm working 6 days a week, 14 hours a day to bring people unto Christ; I'm not getting paid (I'm actually paying); and I CHOSE to do it! The reason why? I know this is the most important thing I could ever do. I know that there is nothing in all the world that can bring people greater happiness than the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness. This message I'm sharing with people is unique and true. God loves all of us so much that He has restored the church Jesus Christ set up onto the earth again, and all people have a right to know. Everyone has a right to be as happy as I am.
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