2nd Annual Mormon Art Show (and other art)

Right now there is an incredible LDS and other art show going on that you can see from the comforts of your own home, ONLINE! It only lasts until November 21 though, so be quick! The theme was “All Things of Good Report and Praiseworthy,” so plenty obscure enough so that you can basically see art of any kind in the show. Lots of amazing artists participated, and there are beautiful landscapes, abstract works, LDS subjects, still lifes, etc.  And of course, I have a few things for sale in the show too. These are the ones I entered.

Another Testament (boston show)On Top Hill Cumorah (boston show) Rocks in the Grove (small)

Part of the funds received will go towards scholarships for student artists and other aspiring artists (like stay at home LDS moms). So it’s for a good cause too! Here’s the link.
Sidenote: The newest one among these is my painting entitled “Another Testament.” It shows a peaceful scene of the future Book of Mormon in it’s place on the Hill Cumorah, before Joseph Smith took them. I walked around this sacred hill many a times during my mission in Palmyra and used personal photo reference and memories to capture this fall landscape.
*If by any chance you miss the online show that ends November 21, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these or any other paintings.
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Book of Mormon Map

I just barely finished this monster of a commission for Firm LDS Foundation. It took a lot of work getting in all the details in the right places, but it was absolutely fulfilling to do. It may all be in one image, but what it felt like to me was 35+ little illustrations all in one.  Zoom up and see if you don’t believe me!
About this map . . .
It illustrates which some call the “heartland theory” of The Book of Mormon, which is that all the events took place in North America. I grew up imagining that the Book of Mormon events took place in Central America (and I think this is the more common conception), so when I first received this assignment, I was a little wary.  After I spoke to my commissioner for some time, however, I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter where The Book of Mormon took place, as long as my art is helping people to think more about it. My commissioner explained that they aren’t trying to declare with absolute surety that this is fact. It is just a theory that deserves consideration (and he actually did present a lot of convincing evidence).
I’m happy to do art that is uplifting and inspiring, and that’s that. I also love that I was able to illustrate more modern day events from the Restoration of the church and the founding of the United States as well. I hope you too can enjoy commemorating these events and remembering that we truly do live in a promised land.
*prints are available

NA Land of Promise (smaller)

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Rocks in the Grove

Rocks in the Grove (small)

This is another scene from the Sacred Grove that I just painted.  Once more, I am still drawing from my mission.  It’s true what they say that missions change and affect lives forever. We have been talking a lot about missions recently because my husband has two nephews who are about to go serve one. We can’t stress enough to these young men how important it is to serve with all you got! That’s because how you serve affects your whole life. If you are an obedient, hardworking missionary, your whole life will be better because of it.
. . . Sorry for that tangent on missions! 🙂 What we have here is a worm’s eye view of the Sacred Grove and some rocks that form the north west boundary line of the Smith farm. In a non wooded area, the Smiths had wood fences with rocks stacked up underneath to prevent animals getting in or out. This is more just an indication of the line with no other real purpose. The family would use the rocks they cleared from fields.
If you don’t know what the Sacred Grove is, let me tell you briefly (since I believe I’ve already talked about it a fair amount down below). The Sacred Grove is the wooded area behind Joseph Smith’s log home where he went to pray about which church was true in 1820. His answer was delivered to him by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ themselves when they appeared to him. Many are skeptical of this, and I can understand why. People think angels and visions have ceased in our day, but that is not true. God loves and guides us just as much or more than other generations. I know miracles happen daily and that this sacred event did take place. I spent a lot of time in this grove, but even someone who just goes there for a minute can feel the spirit there.
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They Did All Eat

They Did All Eat (smaller)

This is my latest project done in permanent black pencil and gouache on illustration board.  I really enjoyed meshing my two audiences – the religious folk and young folk.  I feel like the result was a folkish painting adults can enjoy and little children can to relate to – something friendly, bright, and happy (or so I hope!).
In Matthew 15, the story is told of Christ feeding the multitude of four thousand. From seven loaves and a few small fishes, “they did all eat, and were filled” (Matthew 15:37).  We can not tell exactly how this miracle looked, but I can imagine to a small child that this miracle appeared as something wonderful and magical. He or she may think the miracles of Jesus are like magic powered by faith. I purposefully tried to capture that magic, wonder, and great joy.
I know the Savior Jesus Christ once walked this earth and will one day do so again. Happy are his stories! Easter is coming up so let’s remember him :).
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A Season of giving

We have come to a very special time of year when people tend to be (or should be) a little kinder, a little more grateful, and also maybe a little more cheerful. I’ve been working on some Christmas artwork lately – check out my illustration blog to see – but this one in particular is a little special to me.  First of all, I did it in a completely different medium (I drew it in pencil, scanned it in, and colored it digitally), but it also was created for the purpose of reminding people of the meaning behind this season and to encourage charity. I call it “Charity from a Child.” I think there is something beautiful about the selflessness and kindness young children often show. Where do we lose that innocence? Jesus Christ was innocent, compassionate, and kind.  He was the only adult to preserve that little special something kids have for his whole life. I hope we can all be a little better this season, myself included.

Charity from a Child

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Truth from the Earth

Truth from the Earth (small)It was a fall September day when Joseph Smith first went to the Hill Cumorah to look upon the golden plates that would be translated to The Book of Mormon.  For four years he returned to that same spot on the same day until he was fully prepared to take them away.  Joseph was not a perfect instrument. He required a lot of growth to be worthy to undertake such a sacred task such as taking those plates and translating them. I think we are all imperfect instruments, and sometimes it takes lot of time and growth, but the Lord can and does use us for many great and important purposes.
I wanted to try and capture the serenity in that forest Joseph might have felt while gazing upon these holy records. I’ve walked where he was, and it truly is such a beautiful place where the spirit can be felt so strong. I know that these things happened. I have The Book of Mormon as a testimony of this truth.
**This original oil painting is now for sale, and prints will be available soon too.   brookemweber@gmail.com
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Joseph’s Temple

Palmyra TempleHere is my latest LDS painting for sale. It is a scene that is dear to many a missionary’s heart that served in the New York Rochester Mission, covering Palmyra.  It is a spot we always seemed to stop at on our way from the Smith log house to the Smith frame home on the farm.  Along that path you can clearly see the Palmyra temple that was built in 2000.  The special thing about this temple is that it is built on some of the original property of the Smith farm, and it has a window in the foyer that overlooks the Sacred Grove.  I think Joseph Smith would have been emotional to know that one day a temple would be built on his land. I’m so grateful that our church has grown to the extent that miracles like this can happen.
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